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Friday, May 24

Sayang , apa khabar dengan mu?? *Bobo style* 

Hi blog! Remember me? Yeah , I miss you too. I'm sorry babe for not being here when you need me. 

Oh bloggy moggy swaggy . So , my third semester was just end . Yayyyy me! I'm not so sure if I nailed the last two papers or I just screwed it. Well , at least I think I'd answer it with the right answers but then when I was in the shower this morning. HOLY CRAP ! Now, I think it was all wrong --' Oh whatever. Let's just drop the subject.  


I'm fine. I'm doing good. I miss everyone. I don't care if they don't miss me back. No , I actually DO CARE! 

No. Not really. But quiet really. 

Lol. Sorry for this unnecessary babbling.

Well , I saw this best friends. They were so close. They were inseparable whenever I saw them. But now, distance tear them apart. I feel very sorry for them. But then , I start to realize . That's no big deal. I was there before and maybe the same thing might happened all over again. 

" The future not ours to see . Que sera sera"

We might even die soon. 
With that I'm sorry if I've ever hurt your feelings. I'm sorry if I take you for granted. I'm sorry for being such a bij to you. I'm sorry . I'm just sorry.

Whoever you are, can we just appreciate each other?