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Friday, February 19

im afraidd of ?

im truly , reaally , badly , extreamly afraid of

L O S I N G .

i dun know why suddenly i thought bout this ,
but it happen ,
esp when it comes near to my BIG EXAMINATION !
it had happened TWICE .
myself dun believe it really happened to me ,

in my UPSR .
my last day of UPSR ma grandpa passed away .
i'd been woke up with the news .
on the moment he'd been buried ,
i was in the exam hall taking BI n SCN paper 2 if im not mistaken .
i cried cried cried n stop .
ALHAMDULILLAH , straight A's !

again it happened during PMR .
my last paper on the second last day .
the nxt will be KH .
my mom tell me in the car ,
n i was like .
' OHH , BILE ? UMM '
speechless mann ,
b4 PMR , i'd told ma frens ,
i hope it wont be the same like UPSR .
but , naah . same story .
ma other grandpa .

but that story , im losing person who really not in world anymore .
what im really really afraid more is
im losing a gud fren which still alive ,
but she changed .
OMG , tht was pathetic ohh ,
now i dun know if she still remember me ,
but sokay ,
i gott more and more frens beside me .
insyaALLAH :)
but still , i LOVE ma frens .
i'll never delete any of u once u entered ma heart .
even u've changed .

i born to live in the flow ,
but it doesn't mean i will simply approved sumthing .
if i being nice to you , plez dun take me for granted .
i love making jokes , but it doesnt mean u can simply make jokes of me .
if u're my sayangg .
sokay , ta ambek ati kott .
tp jgn over laa ngekk :P
hehe .

hey guys , i even not sure why i wrote this . HAHA ,
for sure i felt so damn LEGAAAA .
just now , i feel wanna cry .
but hey , BIG GIRL DUN CRY . hee~

ps : pleeez dun leave me :( thnxx kawan if u treat me like everything :)

Tuesday, February 16

khabi kushi khabi gam ,

sometimes we can get whatever we want ,

sometimes we never can get what we want ,

once we got it , we forget to thanks ,

once we didn't got it , we mad to everyone .

now , i know .

if we dun get it now ,

we can get better next .

if we got it now ,

it does'nt mean we can get it again .

thanks to ALLAH !

Monday, February 15

newboyfiee :)

meet logan lerman , my newboyfiee :))
i met him yesterday in cinema .
he's 18 . im 16
andd he's my newboyfiee :P

im freaking myself out .
i wrote this just to tell u guys that im still straight oke ?
throw all negatives thnkg yaw ! uuurrgh :P

act , yesterday .
anis & i watched a movie ,
percy jackson & the olimpians : the ligthning thief .
the movie full with awesomeness ,
we had so much much fun watching it .
LOL . euw euw thng . HAHA ,

but , it'll be cooler if my other fren also there .
korg ni teruk laa .
ta rindu aku keh ?
sokay sokay . huhu
to yamin , u shud call me laa macek !

to anis :
if u're reading this .
HAHA , im not gonna write anythng much laa .
what i want to tell everyone is

KIDS LOVE ANIS mucho mucho :))

ps : i woke up at almost 2pm today . ouuh yeaah !
but already did my suboh prayer oke :))

Saturday, February 13

ppl love to gimme new names ?

the title sound like what ?
im not even sure ,
but for sure .
ppl juz love gimme new names . HAHA ,

lemme list it down :

' T '
cut from word SITI , ckgu shameza call me tht way .

' nanot '
salsabila with her flavorous mouth called me tht .

' paan '
man side of me . HAHA . one of ma classmates call me tht .

' nanaPAU '
ma name+food . ths happened during english class . kan tcer eisma ?

once i entered fruit club . i choose this name , cuz there's NANA at the back . hee~

haa , so far . that is it :)
im okay with it .

but plez plez plez ,
spell my real name correctly .


farhanah with H , not without H
thnxx :)

im not homesick , im justt NETsick :P

holidayss ,


skola punn cuti laa ,
skola den cuti smggu ,
ahad dpn masok skola balik ,
haaish .
tanak pegi mggu dpann .
na dok kat umaa .
heee .

but , just like the title ,
im not homesick , im just NETsick .
it's 98% true ,
the other 2 % ?

ppl keep asking me about seseri ,
n my answer is OKE ;)
i ta nanges pon oke ,
jiwa kental .

rindu sama temann temann ,
how bout in seseri ?
i do got lots of frens .
ma epidendrium4 mates were so cool ohh ,

sape sape ?
yg tido sobolah den - ina
yg tido bwh katil den - mya
yg suke kejut pepagi bute - maz
budak demam - alya
cekgu - aisyah
homesickers - echa
suke gelak - najwa
first fren i know - saeda

kakak kakak ?

kd - fain ( dye ta ksi pggl kak , hehe )
housesys - kak sab
kak ira
kak lili
kak meera
kak gina
kak kur
kak mas
kak syu

mereka baek baek belaka ,
alhamdulillah :)

classmates ?


heee :))

konklusi - aku oke :)