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Friday, October 18

Welcome to the family...

Basically I got nothing to do. Everything is too routine for me.
 I am that bored that I can actually post something here to tell you how bored I am. 
Oh wait, you're this bored that you actually read this?
C'mon lets high five!

So bored people....what to talk about huh?

Oh ya, Kak Acha just gave birth to a very cute lil baby yesterday. It's a baby girl! 

Maybe later nak pergi visit her and this baby at the hospital kut. 

Last week Kak Anne gave birth to a baby boy and baru je letak nama dia Hadiff Irsyad. Hot kan nama dia? Lulz. Ala-ala nama samarinda sangat. Hahaha. Alaa but I tkda gamba dia sebab tk bluetooth lagi from Mak's phone. And I malas nak pergi bluetooth. K dah diam. Hahahaha


I went to the hospital just now. You may refer the photo of me and this cute lil baby girl name, Sofia Medina dalam instagram : cikmonana . Ambuihhh nama dia kaaan. 

And here's a photo of Hadiff Irsyad, Kak Anne upload his photo earlier kat fb so I curi laa nak simpan kat belog. Nanti bila dorang dah besar, I bukak balik blog then I tell myself ; Naa, you dah tua. Sobss

Safe and sound

Frankly typing, I rasa all babies look the same kan? Hahahaha. K whatever

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